"Such an uplifting and quirky book. So refreshing."

"Ohhh - what a fantastic book! I laughed, I cried"

"Excellent book from this fine new author"

"I can see huge potential"

"A good read…can't wait for part 2"

"A truly excellent read"

"The story is just as captivating for adults as it is for children"

"This really does look fantastic!"

"The first book that I've ever really enjoyed"


About Elijah Barns

Elijah Barnes

Born in the imaginary village of Brigadoon, Elijah wrote the first two books of his proposed trilogy concerning The Witch and Jet Splinters, whilst imprisoned in a carpetless, flea ridden, Victorian manor, smoking inferior cigarettes and existing on lashings of hot, Yorkshire tea and anything containing chocolate (usually Tunnock's Teacakes).

May these workings be an inspiration to all of ye with lacking diets, smoker's coughs and a meagre income. Never don't believe.

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